Five Ways to Use the Project Planner Insert from Tula XII

Who ever thought that being organized when you craft would be a good thing? Most people like to just get in, play with the things, and get out. But what if you went in with some organization, from the planning to the executing you can do that with the Project Planner Insert.

I have been using the project planner insert for a couple of different reasons and I am excited to share with you my top five reasons to use the insert and how you can make crafting, DIY, home improvement and project planning so much easier with the use of this insert.

Features of the Project Planner Insert:

  • 5″ x 7″ pages; medium size (comes in Small and XL as well)
  • 26 useable pages 
  • thick paper perfect for almost any pen
  • Heavier cover printed in the pattern of your choice with title on cover 
  • Saddle stitched in the spine for a secure book to slide in your lifestyle organizer cover 

Insert inside pages are printed on 7 sheets of paper and folded in half which gives you 13 projects. The size closed is 5 x 7 which is our Medium size (also known as B6). 

Five Ways to Use the Project Planner Insert:

1. DIY Crafting: Print out your inspiration picture from Pinterest, Google or some other search, and attach it inside the page, or you can simply sketch your idea if you are one of those artisty types (that is definitely not me). Once you have your project in mind you can add color swatches, ribbons, pieces of material etc right to the pages using glue staples or some other form of adhesive. There is a place for you to write out instruction or how to complete the project as well as a place for your material list and to do if it is mulitple step.

3. Home Improvement Projects: We do this with every room in our house that we have remodled. We add the design elements in the vision section, attach the actual paint chip colors to the swatch/color section. When we are in renovation mode we write out what we need to do to get the project completed and we list all the materials we need to get in order to complete the project. It is great for these types of projects because you don’t have to search for the paint swatches later if you need them because they are attached right inside the insert itself.

4. For Teachers: How many teachers out there are creating new activities for your students? It might be easier to have a separate place to store these ideas so that when you are ready to implement them you have all of the instructions, materials and the general idea put together right in front of you.

5. Group Project Ideas: If you utilize the XL version of this insert it is a great way to lay out a project as a group. The spread is large enough that all involved will be able to see the ideas together and you can brainstorm in an organized fashion, then set to implementation.

There are probably more ways than this to use the Project Insert, but definitely worth grabbing it and getting started with your organized projects!

If you are ready to grab your Project Planner Insert here are some shopping options for you:

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