The Ulitmate Guide to Spring Gift Giving for the Planner Lover

the ultimate guide to spring gift giving for the planner lover
tula xii planners, with a weekly spread, spines of the newest spring collection of covers, a wall calendar set up with April dates, the tule xii logo in teal and black, and a picture of the Tula XII model adding a secret garden planner cover to a navy stripe tote with a buttercream strap

YAY for Spring!! Warmer weather, starting fresh and new, cleaning, organizing and spring activities. BUt, spring is also a time of year that is full of gift giving needs. For the planner loving family member or friend, you know I have all the latest and greatest. From journals and pens to inserts and planning totes, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to spring gift giving for planner lovers. Even if you have a friend that isn’t into the whole “planning scene” there is still something on your list for everyone this spring season!

Ultimate Guide Gift One: Journals

When would a journal be a great gift; bridal shower, baby shower, Mother’s Day, Graduation, or Teacher Appreciation.

strength vision and passion collection. The new collection is white and covered with black quote that speak to strength, vision and passion. There is also a PenGems pen with a famous Alice in Wonderland Quote writen on the side. No Tula XII photo is complete with out a set of coasters as well. These coasters are also black and white and feautre many of the same quotes that are listed on teh cover itself.
Strength, Vision & Passion Collection

Pens make amazing gifts for teachers, bosses, co-workers, bridemaids or groomsmen gifts, and paired with a journal make a nice well rounded gift to share with others.

Love the bright colors of a PenGem Pen. These ones are tulips in yellow and orange. Bluebells with hints of green. Juicy which is a bold orange color. And Neverland in a vivid bright green. There are also two rolls of the spring washi tape (blooming illusion in rainbow flowers and secret garden with pink, navy and green). Also a single coaster in the rainbow dreams design. Rainbow prisms and candelsticks.
PenGems, Coasters and Washi Tape

Ultimate Guide Gift Three: Inserts

The Tula XII inserts make great gifts, because they can even stand alone. The paper quality is fantastic and allows for them to be on their own, or for easier accessibility, add the inserts inside the cover for maximum productivity. Of course the most popular insert options include daily, weekly, and monthly spreads, as well as goal-setting and habit tracking pages.

Inserts are fantastic for wedding planning, a new mom, college bound students, teacher appreciation, coloring inserts in Easter baskets, a self-care bundle for mom.

Adding Stickers to Inserts for more FUN!

Ultimate Guide Gift Four: Planning Totes

Ultimate Guide Gift Five: Planner Accessories

Planner People love to add all kinds of goodies to their planner stashes, and you really can’t go wrong with all of the color coordinating items that Tula XII carries. From covers, to totes, magnetic clips and charms, plus all the goodies in between. What planner item would you grab for the planner lover in your life?

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