About Cannin Plannin

I started my planning journey at a young age when I started to feel the overwhelm of school, sports and extra-curricular activites. I couldn’t keep track of deadlines, appointments, assignments and everything in between while also maintaining my daily routine.

Of course as I grew older it because significanly harder, because I was now managing my schedule, a spouse and three boys. My boys are 18, 16 and 7 and the amount of schedule coordination it takes to maintain routines, develop structure and have some semblance of order was beyond what I felt I could accomplish. I needed a planning system that could do it ALL.

I was using a spiral bound planner, and although it was effective, it didn’t have everything that I needed to keep track of all in one place. I was having to carry a journal, a calendar, a notebook and several other tools just to keep my day to day activities moving in the right direction.

In 2018, I found Traveler’s Style Notebooks, and my planning life changed forever. I was able to put together a planner that would work for my needs, was customizable to the things that I really needed to monitor and track, and it didn’t have extra fluff and stuff I didn’t need taking up space.

I have since taken on the role of Planning Coach and Time Management Expert for Busy Direct Sales Moms. I coach and have helped put together over a thousand different planners for my customers. I hold the top title in Tula XII, a lifestlye organization company, and teach many workshops in various lifestyles from direct sales, to meal planning, finanacial planning and everything in between.

Are you ready to manage your time too??