Top Ten Favorite Holiday Bucket List Activities

3. Decorate the Christmas Tree: Getting up into the attic to get down all the decorations isn’t really a fun task, but when the tree is all put up with all of the ornaments, lights and garland it makes it all worth it. 

4. Making Gingerbread Houses: This is where things get a little competitive at my house. Everyone bring a smorgasbord of candies and we bust out the glue gun. Why the glue gun you might ask…We want them to stay together, and it is cheaper to grab a glue stick or two then to create the cement frosting, so we stick with a glue gun (we aren’t going to eat our creations anyway) and if someone is in the mood for candy, there is always plenty left over. 

5. Christmas Crafting: I love to search Pinterest for some new crafting ideas. I make my own wreaths, but sometimes I like to spice it up with centerpieces, or even gifts that I can share with others that I have made with the heart. 

7. Bake Cookies: I am not a baker by any sense of the word, but I have found a few favorites that I use over the years, and I keep them stored in their own Recipe Insert that I only get out during the holidays. 

8. Donation Day: I have had this tradition with my youngest son, probably since before he can remember. We have a day in the beginning of October where he goes through his toy box and bedroom and collects any gently used toys, clothes, and books that he doesn’t want and he helps me to clean them up and prepare to give them to others that might need a boost during the holiday season, along with a few new items as well. It is a great way to teach him about kindness, charity, and selflessness. It is also a chance to do a little “deep” clean of his room before he gets a new wave of toys. 

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