Tula XII Simple Card Layout #3: Layers

This simple layout is made with just four things besides the card base;

  1. patterned paper
  2. die cut
  3. sentiment strip
  4. design element

This card layout is all about doing a little bit of layering. To complete this project all that it requires is the card base, precut paper, die cut, sentiment, and element all prepared for you in when the kit arrives (the only thing you will have to do is add the sentiment sticker to a piece of card stock, but even that has been pre-cut for you, so all you have to do is stick on the sticker). In this lesson I show how do a little paper tearing and then attach in different variations. A fun element was to flip the paper so that the coordinating side was showing. I did use Stampin up! dimensions adhesive, and some glue dots to attach, but you can keep it simple and just use your prefered method of adhesive. In this video again I show both the horizontal and the vertical way to put together the cards, both in the Thanksgiving and Holiday layouts.

As you can see from the two sketches above you can really make these out in either a horizontal or a vertical layout. Both layouts lend themselves to simplicity and quickness. In the horizontal version the paper’s torn and then layered one on top of the other. By doing this it adds a nice dimension. With the vertical design I started with a paper that is the full length of the patterned paper and then I tore a small bit of the remaining paper and flipped it to the other side to be a pop of color behind the die cut element. Both of these card kits come with everything I shared in the photos (except the adhesive).

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