Five Ways to Spread the Holiday Dollar

The Holidays can definitely be a time where you need your dollar to stretch just a little further. We are needing extra funds for gifts, holiday meals, the basics, wrapping paper, and sending love through the mail. I have gathered up Five Ideas, that you can use to help spread your dollar a little further this year. 

Make More Memories, Buy Less Stuff:

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Sell Stuff: 

Have you thought of all the things that you have that you don’t currently use? These things are taking up space in your closets, on shelves, and maybe even under the bed. If they are in good condition, why not try listing them for sell on your local classified site, or even through the Marketplace on Facebook. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This can free up some much needed space, and it could also pad your pocketbook for spreading your holiday budget.

Strategy Shop:

Have you coupon shopped or bargain shopped before? Some of the most amazing things can be found in old thrift stores, or by really searching for a good deal. Take some time to comparison shop what you are looking to purchase. Many sites make it possible for you to see competitors prices. If it is something that you have been planning on purchasing for awhile be on the look out for the item to go on sale, or look for a chance to grab it at a discounted price. Some stores offer percentage off coupons throughout the year, or have sales periodically that will include the item you are looking for. Do your research. 


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Start a Side Hustle:

This time of year any little bit helps when working through the holidays, so what about a side hustle? There are many options floating around, and you definitely need to do your research. Take some time to look at some of the options that you can dip your toes into. Some Direct Sales companies have very minimal buy in, and the commission rates for most are 25% or more. Finding the right leader to teach and train you while you work to grab that extra cash is also pretty helpful. You will definitely want to find something that interests you, because selling something that you aren’t passionate about will make it more like a job and less like some fun money in your pocket. If you are interested in some more information I would be happy to share my experience with Tula Xii, and give you some added direction, or you can check out our team Harmony Hero Sneak Peek Group for your own research. 

However you can work it to spread your holiday dollar this year, make it work into your budget. If you are able to add some extra funds, think about how you can use them wisely this year. Spread some holiday cheer while making your dollar spread this holiday season. 

If you would like more ideas on ways to make these five steps work for you, take a minute to hop into Cannin Plannin, VIPlanners while we chat about some of these fun ways to make our Holiday Dollars work harder for us this year. 

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