Seven Ways to Use the Storyteller Insert from Tula XII

Do you write your history? Do you cherish your memories in physical form? Are you curious about how you can use this partiular insert for memory keeping, journaling, gardening, and so much more?? This insert is one of our most used inserts when it comes to photo and writing in one insert. Take a look at just seven ways to use the storyteller insert from Tula XII below.

Features of the Storyteller Insert:

  • 5″ x 7″ pages (in the medium size, comes in XL as well).
  • 26 useable pages
  • thick paper perfect for almost any pen
  • Heavier cover printed in the pattern of your choice with title on cover 
  • Saddle stitched in the spine for a secure book to slide in your lifestyle organizer cover

Seven Ways to use the Storyteller Insert:

1. Memory Keeping: With the way the insert is designed you can easily share photos on one side and journal on the other side to attach your memories to a photo. This is paired great with the travel or camping insert bundles for all of those fun family activities. Holiday Memory Keeping Idea

2. Art Journal: You can use this as an art journal, drawing on one side, and explaining what the drawing is about on the other side.

3. Couples Activity Journal: Share some time with a loved on by using this insert to cherish memories with your significant other. By pairing this with the other inserts that are included in the Couples Journal you can create a fun way to communicate between the two of you.

4. Pet Journal: If you love your pet as much as your kids, and some camera rolls have more photos of them then their children anyway, you might consider using it for this purpose as well.

5. Gardening: Those that use seeds or track certain species of flowers it is great for adding either the seed packet, or a photo of the flower with notes about the flower during it’s growth cycle.

Photo by Darlene Frazier

6. Wine Journal; Attach the wine label on the photo side, and write the taste, smell, and thoughts attached to the wine you have tasted.

7. Record Family History Stories: Add a photo of the relative on the photo side, and their details or a story about that person on the other side. You can pair this with the Family History Insert as well.

As you can see the possibilities are endless!! What ways could you think to use the Storyteller Insert?

If you are ready to shop the Storyteller Insert: Here are some options for you:

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