Tula XII Simple Card Layout #1: Basic Layout

This simple layout is made with just three things besides the card base;

  1. patterned paper
  2. die cut
  3. sentiment strip

With these three things laid out very simply on the card base you can change the design to either vertical or horizontal. You can also go more advanced, and tear your paper around the edges, use stamps, or extra card stock paper bordering the patterned paper. You can make it as easy or advanced as you choose. Here is what the basic layout looks like. 

As you can see from the two sketches above you can really make these out in either a horizontal or a vertical layout. Both layouts lend themselves to simplicity and quickness. It is as simple as gluing the paper, the die cut and the sentiment onto the card base in that order. Take a look at both the layout and the example for both of these styles of the basic layout card #1:

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