The 12 Week Year: A Book Review

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Why I Loved This Book:

I really struggle with goal setting. It has been the thorn in my personal business for a long time. Goal setting is something that I dread every year. I am a play by ear, and hope that what I want to achieve will eventually get done kind of person. But, that means that I have lots of failures on the way to figuring it out too. All of that failure stems from not having a plan for my goal. I think about something I want to accomplish and then don’t actually write out a plan, I just wing it..sound like you too?

Well I had, had just enough of that nonsense, because I have big dreams that I want to accomplish so I jumped on reading this book to see if I would be able to put together a goal setting plan that I could use and stick with.

This was integral in my understanding of the concept behind this book. My understanding in goal planning was always to think of a big goal and work on it throughout the year. But, like new year’s resolutions they lose their steam and their excitement and pretty soon we just don’t care enough to continue.

Where I Struggled in Reading This Book

I will say that I hard time getting through some of the psychological jargon. Not that it wasn’t needed, because understanding the mindset of how and why we set goals is very important, but I will say that without the pictures and graphs to help clear up some of the concepts that part would have been a loss for me.

There are many lessons to be learned from reading a goal setting book.

  1. You may look past the reason you are setting the goal in the first place: your why
  2. You may not be in the right head space to accomplish that partiular goal: Mindset
  3. You don’t have the right tools to complete the goal you have in mind: Road Blocks and Set Backs

This part of the information, mainly because I struggle with these tactics in general were difficult for me to wrap my head around. Thanks to some of the references, graphics, charts and quotes I was able to piece it all together. Some of the excerpts I had to read over many times for the information to click.

As a leader in my field, as a planning coach, I definitely put my stamp of approval and recommendation on this book. There are several aspects of it, such as the team application, that are great for helping not only yourself achieve goal accomplishment, but your team as well, and that in itself is invaluable.

Here are some of the concepts that are mentioned in this book. If you have a team or you are struggling with some of these aspects of your goal setting this would be a great asset to get your hands on:

  1. Creating an Execution System with elements and principles for goal setting
  2. Establishing Your Vision; what do you want your future to look like when you accomplish your goals
  3. Development of your 12 Week Plan; from writing to executing
  4. Installing Process Control; how to work through the bumps in the road
  5. Keeping Score; your own accountability to work towards and maintain your goal plan
  6. Scheduling Your Day; building a work schedule to make sure you are executing your goal action plan

Each of these steps is designed to help you build, maintain and achieve the goal you set out at the beginning of the 12 weeks. And then, at the end you get to do it all over again. Reignite your fire and drive, build your motivation and accomplish more than you have ever done before.

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