The Three Sections of the Goals & Habits Tracker Insert from Tula XII

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” — Brenda Ster

When it comes the goal setting process you need to be sure to add in the ability to track your progress. I personally love using this insert because I can get a visual of where I am, and it holds me accountable. What other insert (if used correctly) tells you exactly where you are in your goal achieving process? This one is by far one of the best tools for that particular reason.

  • 5″ x 7″ pages (in the medium size, comes in XL as well).
  • 26 useable pages
  • thick paper perfect for almost any pen
  • Heavier cover printed in the pattern of your choice with title on cover 
  • Saddle stitched in the spine for a secure book to slide in your lifestyle organizer cover

The Goals and Habits Tracker works great paired with the Goals Insert. When you put the two together and work through the process you will be able to see how much more effecient you can be in accomplishing your goals. The Goals and Habits Tracker was designed to help you measure your progress on your goal journey. There are three sections in each insert.

Section 1: The Goals

Section 2: The Weekly Break Down

In this section you will be able to check your current weekly progress. This section is a fantastic way to see where you are and how you are moving towards your goals. You can see where you might have hit a road block, a distraction, or where you are flying through some aspect of your goals. This section works great alongside section three.

Section 3: Daily Tasks

If you have created a daily list of things to do, this is where you will be checking off that list. I like to break mine down into weekly increments so that I can use it with section two of the insert. Daily accountability goes a long way. You can use this to help you evaluate your mini goals for the next week as well as see what you still need to accomplish.

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