Why I Plan: Five Reasons to Use a Planner

Before you can get started with your planning you need to know why you want to be or use a planner. Are you wanting to have more time for your family? Are you wanting to have more time for you? Are you wanting to not just look like you have your life put together, but actually feel like you do too? Are you concerned with having too many spinning plates, and you want to make some decisions about what can realistically be taken off of your agenda? Whatever the reason is for getting started with a planning journey, continuing down the one you are already on, or mastering new styles of planning this is a great place to start, and probably the one that holds the most value in creating a planning routine that you will stick to, making you more productive with your time.

Reason #1: More Time for Family

Reason #2: Setting Boundaries

Reason #3: Actually Have It Together

Reason #4: It’s Not Just a Calendar

Reason #5: More Time for YOU!

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