Self-Care Inserts with Tula XII

You are your number one asset, so you have to be sure that you take time for you too. Which means adding you into your planner.

The insert features;
1. a quote bubble for sharing your favorite inspirational quote or affirmation,
2. a place to track what you are reading,
3. a special tracker that can be used to track anything you do on a weekly basis,
4. a habit trackers for you to list ways that you are taking care of you,
5. and a journal section!

This insert like many others that Tula XII has can be used for various reasons. Besides the obvious of tracking your daily mood at Morning, Afternoon and Evening you can also track the following things with it:

*Menopause Symptoms
*Autistic children or children on IEPs for the teachers to share their day with the parents
*Conception Cycles
*Anxiety and Panic Attacks
*Personality Disorders
*Chronic Pain Management
*Medication Symptoms Tracker

And if you just need some ways that you can start thinking about taking care of you. I have a photo below that is a form of self-care bingo! Take some time to put one or two of these things in your planner each week, set a date for just you and then follow through. You wouldn’t cancel a date with your significant other or a dear friend, so why would you cancel a date with yourself.

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