The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist; It’s Already Done For You!

What if I told you there was a spring cleaning list already created for you? What if I told you this list was the ultimate spring cleaning checklist, and it was bound in a cute little insert you can tuck right into your traveler’s style notebook, attach to the fridge, or leave sitting out on the counter? What if I told you that this insert has a checklist for each room in your house, complete with the little boxes that you get to check off when you are done? AND, what if I told you that it is broken down into 31 days from start to finish? Would you be intrigued? I knew I was, and I am so happy that I grabbed this insert. I use it every single spring to re-organize my home. 

Life gets busy and things get crazy, and if you have kids at home, as much as you try, organization may go right out the window. Spring is the perfect time to do a little reset, dust off the cobwebs, and clear the clutter. So let’s talk about what this ultimate spring cleaning checklist entails shall we?

The Challenge:

The challenge will take you from one side of your house to the other: from closets, to the kitchen, all those bathrooms, bedrooms, living, dining, laundry and even your home office. Some days may be longer than others, and the whole challenge doesn’t have to be done all in one month. You can space it out, fit it into your schedule and work around the time you have to devote to the organization of your home. 

The Checklists: 

After the initial challenge/calendar page, each of the tasks is broken up into its own page or section for you to mark off as complete or still left to do. Each section also includes blank spaces so that you can personalize your cleaning experience. 

In the Closets: 

You will tackle donating, going through the dreaded sock drawer looking for mismatches (that you know are actually now tupperware lids that don’t fit any of your containers), changing out for the season, dusting and organizing. 

In the Kitchen: 

In the Bathrooms: 

When was the last time you went through your makeup, cleaned your brushes and threw out out-dated makeup items? If you are busy like me, then the answer is probably a couple years at least, which I know is so unhealthy for our faces. Well you are going to get a chance to do just that. Plus, clean the toilet, the fixtures, the shower & tub, re-caulk and a whole lot more. 

In the Bedrooms: 

Time to flip those mattresses, clean out your night stand, check the blades on the ceiling fan, wipe down the windows, the blinds, and wash your pillows with your other bedding.I love clean sheet day at my house. It makes me want to cozy even further into bed. So a whole clean room…that sounds amazing. 

In the Living/Dining Room

When was the last time you looked underneath your couch? I have cats, and it is always amazing to me what little items they have shoved under there during play. Make sure that you take some time to clean that flue you just used all winter as well (and if necessary hire a professional), we wouldn’t want you to wait until the fall time and right when you need it you have to wait because it didn’t get done. And something else you might not have thought of, disinfecting the remotes. How many hands touch those things in your home? I have a house full of boys, and who knows where their grubby hands have been. 

In the Mud/Laundry Room:

Washing machines clean, but they need to be cleaned too. Have you ever seen the inside of the washing machine? YUCK! It’s amazing that anything actually gets cleaned there. So it is super important to spend time cleaning your appliances that do the cleaning. There are lots of youtube videos out there that walk you through how to clean the drums and inside nooks and crannies of your washing machine.  And let’s not forget about the dryer and the ducting full of lint. Make time to clean that out too. 

In the Home Office: 

All Clean: 

This insert has taken you through all the rooms in your house, helped you tackle clutter and dust bunnies, and even though you are tired take a look around and see how amazing it is to have your home cleaned from top to bottom, side to side and everything in-between. 

If I have made you fall in love with this insert, there is just one more thing to do…go and grab it. There are a couple of options so I have included them both here for you.

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