Put YOU in Your Planner

One of the hardest things for busy moms to do is to put themselves first. We have this innate ability to put everything before ourselves and that means that the last person that is often taken care of is us. Which is totally backwards. The first person you should be putting in your planner is the person that matters the most, and that is yourself. Easy to say, hard to execute.

Take a look at some ways that I make sure to make room for me in my schedule each week. 

Use a Brain Drop Box: 

Make a List: 

Make a list of things that you like to do just for you. Maybe you prefer bubble baths, reading a book, crafting, working on a hobby, exercising, journaling, spa day, get a massage, or taking a walk. Having a ready made list that you can choose your “dates” from makes it easier to fill in the blank of what you would like to do just for you. When we have a ready made list, we can quickly choose something that we could be doing to fill our mind, body and soul, rather than mindlessly scrolling social media or wasting time doing things that don’t have value to us. 

Put YOU on the Schedule:

Set Boundaries: 

You put yourself on the schedule so the last step is to set boundaries and expectations with others that might keep you from taking time for you. Chat with your significant other, hire a babysitter, explain the reason to your kiddos about the necessity of taking care of yourself. When you set that expectation and they understand the reason, they will learn this valuable trick as well, and be able to set their own times to take care of themselves, doing what they love as well. This is a chance for you to teach through example. 

Use a Self Care Tracker: 

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