Using a Monthly Spread in Your Planner

I personally choose to use two different monthly spreads each month. Yes, much of the information on the two are similar or duplicated, but they both serve very different purposes. But what do you really need a monthly insert for anyway?

A monthly insert serves a great purpose when you are doing your planning. One of the big reasons to include a monthly insert/spread in your planner is to give yourself a full view of what the month looks like. Sure a weekly is great for getting into the nitty gritty of your day, but looking at the full month at once is great for seeing the overall picture of where your time will be spent throughout the month. Especially if you are a busy mom following behind your children and trying to keep up with everything else.

  • personal appointments
  • family obligations
  • business related events
  • leader events for my business
  • bills
  • home projects
  • birthdays

The writing in the month squares is also color coded, similar to my personal to track things like parties, leader obligations, and personal training opportunities.

On the notes section you will see that there are several things there I like to keep track of: parties and events for the month, new team members, qualifications of teammates, re-ranked leaders, rank qualifications, current rank status and my own personal sales.

This kind of set up makes it possible for me to see all of the things that I have going with my business throughout the month.

Are there Other Types of Monthly Spreads?

What style of monthly works best for you. You can check out this set up video for one of the monthly spreads in my personal calendar to see how I take time each month to set up my calendar and have it working for my needs.

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