Making A List, Checking It Twice, To Do Lists for Everyone

It might be a Christmas saying for Santa Claus, but everyone who uses a to do list is constantly doing this throughout the day. Sometimes that list just grows and grows! One thing we can do it really focus down and keep that list organized. It doesn’t do us any good to make these long lists, if there is no possible way that we will be able to get to everything on it. We need to be selective, and do what we really can manage to get done.

  • 5″ x 7″ pages (in the medium size, comes in small, large and XL as well).
  • 26 useable pages
  • thick paper perfect for almost any pen
  • Heavier cover printed in the pattern of your choice with title on cover 
  • Saddle stitched in the spine for a secure book to slide in your lifestyle organizer cover
To Do Insert
To Do Now/Later Insert

The MAJOR difference between the two is the amount of colums, and the use of the terms now/later. When we are wanting to really start organizing our to do lists we can separate them by the things that are super important and those that need to be done at a later time.

I also don’t think that making a to do list has to necessarily be tied to just a regular to do list. I prefer to even use the weekly planning section of my planner, the Brain Dump Weekly to organize with the top three tasks from my Brain Drop Box, and then move things over where they have time.

Weekly Block
Horizontal Weekly
To Do Insert

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