Organize Your To Do List Using the TRADE Method

T – Top Three:

This one is super easy!!! It is taking a look at your brain drop box and determining what your top three tasks for the day are. You can break down by appointments, tasks that have a deadline, or tasks that are helping you move closer to a bigger goal.

R – Routine:

A – Action:

These are the tasks that require you to take some kind of action and fill in the other nooks and crannies in your day. Grocery shopping, running errands, planning for family activities, working on your business, taking care of your “not top three” tasks, but ones that don’t necessarily have a time limit and therefore can be done when you have time in your day.

D – Delegate:

E – Eliminate:

This doesn’t mean to eliminate it completely. What it means is to take stock of the thought as it comes to you, and file it on a task list that is further out that the current one you are working with. If you have a thought come to mind about something you want to do in the future, don’t dismiss it. Acknowledge that it came, find it a more permanent home on a To Do Later list, and save room in your head for more pressing issues. The elimination part is super important for this process because if you don’t take into consideration that thought it will keep nagging at you until you give it space in your mind. And if you aren’t in a place where you can do anything about it, all it is doing is adding to anxiety and overwhelm. Bless and release it to a new home.

Brain Dump Weekly
Top Three Weekly
To Do Insert
To Do Now/Later

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