The Purpose of a Timer in Your Planning

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed, frustrated or distracted in trying to work through your task list? If you are anything like me as a busy mom wearing many hats then it is probably a constant problem that you feel one of these three emotions.

What did I do to fix it?

I love using a timer. My kids have even learned to listen for my timer. I use it a lot when they are home from breaks and for the summer. It allows me to be able to work and create a routine for them.

I can take some of the overwhelm out because when I am focused I can work dilligently on one task at a time and make quite a bit of progress.

I can curb the frustration, because even though I know there might be a lot on my list. I know that I am one person, and when the timer says time is up I know that I have done all that I can to get through my list.

And definitely a fighter for distractions. For those 30 minutes I tune out all notifications, distractions and really dive into focus.

Using a Timer in the Pomodoro Method

I adopted the use of the timer when I found the pomodoro method. This was developed in the 1980s by an Italian college student, Francesco Cirillo. He was struggling to keep his focus and wanted to try something new to help him through his studies.

The only thing he had available was a tomato shaped timer from his kitchen. And tomato in Italian in pomodoro and thus the method came into existence.

It uses a rotation of time working and time for breaks over an extended amount of time (usually two hours, but can be adapted to what you have available. It looks something like this:

The best thing from using a timer and the pomodoro…curbing distractions, having a plan in place for my work time, and being focused on crushing my to do list!

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