Five Ways for Creating a Summer Memory Book with Your Planner

five ways for creating a summer memory bok in your planner. green background with a title that says right in your planner, summer memory book with Cannin Plannin. The photo is of a mom and baby looking at each other in a scrapbook fashion. It is using the storyteller insert to show the journaling part of the scrapbook. There are baby animal die cuts in a horse, chick and cow, as well as some sunflower and daisy washi tape, a yellow tulip planner charm, some scrapbooking adheive and a paper cutter.

Summer is a great time to create some lasting memories. Whether you are on the beach with your family, hosting barbeques with your neighbors and friends, it is always the perfect time to cherish the time you have spent together. We have so much happening in our lives that we often forget those amazing memories and all the fun we had. That’s why utilizing your planner, that place where you created the plans for those memories, is the perfect tool to use to capture those memories and keep them front and center always! Stay tuned, below I am going to share with you five ways for creating a summer memory book with your planner! You made the plans, and the memories, now let’s store them!

Quote bubbles insert from Tula XII. shows six different bubble layouts to add your thoughts to. Decorative paper in winter blues, stickers and a snowflake charm with a BlackJack PenGems Pen
Quote Bubbles Insert

Perhaps one of the things that you choose to do each day is to write a quote, a thought or a conversation you had with a friend. Even if you only used a line a day to share what happened. It is an opportunity to hang onto those memories!

The Travel insert from Tula XII. It is set up showing a photo of a camping trip with a girl standing at the river, and a group of girls in the background photo. There is journaling beside the photo explaining the weather of the trip and what activities they participated in.
Travel Insert

3. Adding Photos in Your Planner: I love the HP Sprocket Printer to add photos into my planner. They print amazing 2×3 photos with a sticker backing so that I can easily add them right in my planner without trying to track down any extra adhesive. When you take photos throughout the summer, print them out and add them right to your planner. You can also use decorative paper, add a splash of color with washi tape, or use stickers and make fun little scrapbook pages right in the planner itself. It would be like a mini photo album right in the pages of your planner.

Nothing beats opening up your planner and being able to relive the moments you created with family and friends. It will help remind you of the amazing summer you had, the time you spent with family and friends and the memories that you created so that you can cherish them forever.

4. Hang Onto Your Memorabilia: When you head out to that fun summer concert that you managed to score tickets for, or you go to the newest blockbuster movie, or even a fun night out on the town, ang onto those ticket stubs, wristbands and other memorabilia from the event. You can use the plastic pockets to store these fun memories, or create their own scrapbook page with the photos as well.

Be sure to write a quick note about each event that you attended. This will be a great way to remember all of the amazing things that you did over the summer and be a reminder to you that you didn’t just sit home, but went out and created some amazing memories with friends and loves ones over the summer.

Using your planner to store the memories you’ve made throughout the summer is a fun and creative way to remember all of the special moments that you created and experienced. These are just five creative ways for creating a summer memory book with your planner. When you do fun, creative things like making a summer bucket list, making journal pages right in your planner, storing photos or memorabilia or even creating a gratitude page you will have an amazing record of what you did over the summer months, and a great way to look back on those, cherish those memories and share them with others for years to come.

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