The Importance of Consistency in Habit Formation: The Power of a Paper Planner

We are constantly bombarded with changes in society. There is always something changing, and very rarely do things stay the same. That being said one thing remains true and steady, consistency is key to success! From learning new skills to forming new habits, our abillity to stay consistent determines our successes and/or failures. When it comes to building new habits, the process is greatly influenced by the ability to stay consistent. With all this being said, how can we ensure that our journey of forming habits stays that way, consistent? We double down on our efforts with the power of the paper planner!

Consistency: The Cornerstone of Habit Formation

It has been said that your mindset and willpower alone can motivate you to change your behaviors, and then it will magically stay that way. But, science tells a different story. Research tells us that consistency in repetition is the primary driver behind the formation of habits.

When we repeatedly perform the same action, through repetition, our brain begind to recognize it as a routine. We have neural pathways in our braind that are associated wtih action, and this repetition reforces those pathways, making it easier and more automatic over time. When we sporadically practice something it isn’t as effetive as doing it every single day. To strengthen those pathways and make the habit stick we need to be consistent.

Why Paper Planner Boost Consistency

Please don’t tell me, that in a world dominated by digital everything, that paper planners are old-fashioned!! Because, friend, that is just not true! The tactile nature of a paper planner has several benefits you won’t get from digital. Let’s talk about them:

  1. Physically Aids Memory: There is just something about putting pen to paper. When we write down tasks, goals and habits it becomes tactile. And…more research, wait for it…the act of writing stimulated the RAS (Reticular Activating System) which makes it more likely for us to remember AND prioritize.
  2. Minimal Distractions: The last time you picked up your phone how many times were you disctracted by notifications and other things before you got to where you needed to be? A paper planner is free from all those digital notifications and distractions. This helps habit forming because with focus, the process remains uninterrupted.
  3. Visual Progress: I don’t know about y’all, but I love a good check mark, scratching things off my list, or putting a big X through something completed. It is oh so satisfying! When there is a visual representation of progress it can boost motivation, and in turn reinforce the importance of being consistent.
  4. Personal Touch: Paper planners can be very personalized, making sure to represent your individual journey. It is a physical reminder of your dedication and can be visited multiple times over the course of your habit creation to remind you of the growth you have made along the way.

Embrace a Habit Building Challenge:

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  1. Choosing a Reward: Yes, start with the reward first. Once you know what you are working for it will be easier to keep going.
  2. Determining a habit: What is it that you want to work towards? Creating a Brain Drop Box of ideas to help you decide what is the most important to you.
  3. The Art of Habit Linking: When you use visual cues, and habits that you are already acustomed to you can stack those habits with linking.
  4. Plan for Obstacles: It isn’t enough to have a plan of how you are going to accomplish the goal, but also creating a plan for overcoming obstacles and setbacks. We all have them.
  5. Tracking Your Habit: Whether you like to check things off, go for the long streak or put a slash right through your to do list, you will find some gratitification in tracking your habits.

Embracing Paper Planning

In this quest for personal growth through change, consistency always is the winner. In fact it is often the unsung hero. When you have that personal touch of a paper planner, with its unique advantages that I mentioned above, especially the tracking and formulating your habits, you can set out and embark on that next habit quest with confidence. It’s not just about the habit itself, but the tools and methods you use to get there. Consistency paired with tactile engagement of paper planning might just be the winning combination you need to set your habit building off on the right foot.

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