Six Tips For Building a Vision Board in your Tula XII Planner

It is that time of year when goals are being set and we start to visualize all that we can do and become in the new year. It is a great time to start thinking about creating your Vision Board. I personally like to have mine with me at all times. I can even add to it if the mood strikes me, because I use a Tula XII Blank Insert for my Vision Board. It is part of my actual Tula XII Planner and part of my goal setting set up. 

Do you know what the purpose is for a vision board? It is to be the visual representation of your WHY. It is kind of backwards to think of making your vision board before you set your goals, but it really is a great way to go about goal setting. It helps you to back into your goals. Start with the big picture and where you want to go with your year, and then determine the goals that are going to help you achieve the things you want in those photos.

You can use pictures, magazine clippings, words, stickers, paper, washi tape, even your own personal drawings. This is YOUR Vision Board. No one can tell you how to make it or what it is supposed to look like, because your dreams and goals are unique to you and you alone.  

Here are some of my six tips for creating a Vision Board: 

1. Get some magazines from the store or you can even get them from the Goodwill or other thrift stores. 

2. Take some time and just cut out all the words that spring out to you. I even cut out words that are big title letters because you can easily cut the letters apart to make your own. 

3. Take a few minutes to search through Pinterest or Google for some inspiring quotes that have to do with what you want to accomplish for the year

4. Include some positive affirmations. What can you do for you that will help you to build your confidence and grow in your abilities? Positive Self-talk is powerful friends. 

5. Create a Collage. You can make this in your planner in a blank insert (that’s how I use mine). Or use a piece of card stock and make it to fit in one of our plastic pockets. You can also make it electronically and put it as the save screen on your computer or your phone. Many people make a full poster board so they can hang it in their office and see it on a daily basis. 

6. Look at it often.

This quote (and let’s be honest as a student-athlete this movie in general) is a huge inspiration to me, and the way that he presents this statement helps me to realize that visualizing is a huge part of helping us to achieve our dreams and goals. We can’t let others determine what our vision is because we fear that we are inadequate.

This very quote is also part of the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  In the chapter on visualization Hal mentioned that “when you visualize what you want, you stir up emotion that lift your spirits and pull you towards you vision.” What a powerful statement about what Vision Boards and visualization can do for you on your goal setting, and goal achieving journey. 

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